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Here's how it works:

Outbound Infrastructure & Process

After a short onboarding, your SendStudio team gets to work building an effective cold outreach system.

We do the heavy lifting. You receive consistent warm leads.

Lead List Acquisition & Nurturing

We acquire high-quality lead lists based on your Ideal Customer Profile.

Additional lists will be added to your campaigns based on performance, feedback, and when new sources are tapped.

Warm Leads Seamlessly Handed Off

Each week (often every day) you will receive warm leads delivered to your inbox.

Simply respond like you would a normal email to take over the conversation.

Additional SendStudio Support

Looking for more than just warm leads? We can support your entire sponsor sales lifecycle with;

- Discovery Calls
- Ad/Pricing Strategy
- Pitch Deck & Proposal Development
- Inbound Sponsor Attraction
- Sponsor Campaign Management
Start generating sponsor demand for just
Warm Leads Only
Consistent leads delivered to your inbox.
Perfect for newsletters looking for more sponsor leads without the headache.
  • One cold email outreach campaign
  • Fully vetted lead list for your approval
  • Expertly crafted copy & optimization
  • Seamless handoff via email
  • No contracts
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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Warm Leads + Discovery Call
Leads fully qualified & tee'd up for your pitch.
We'll conduct the discovery call to qualify the brand before the pitch.
  • Two cold email outreach campaigns
  • Fully vetted lead lists for your approval
  • Copy, cadence and lead list split tests
  • Discovery call scheduling & execution
  • MEDICC sales checklist
  • Seamless handoff of call summary, notes, & next steps
  • No contracts
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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Full Sales Lifecycle & Campaign Management

Yes, we can do it all. Plus, we'll align incentives in a way that makes sense for your business and budget.
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Have questions?

How does your service work?
Your SendStudio team builds the sending infrastructure, develops the copy, acquires and cleans the list(s), optimizes performance, and seamlessly hands off each warm lead to your email inbox. Simply respond to each email to take over the conversation without a hitch.
How many warm leads can I expect?
It’s possible a single cold outreach campaign will generate 5-15 new leads per week - often more! But the truth is we won't understand lead volume and quality until we get started, so don't delay!
Where do you acquire lead lists?
We acquire vetted lists from multiple reputable sources - all verified for quality and to ensure they fit your ICP. Additional lists will be added to your campaigns based on performance, feedback from you, and when new lead sources are acquired.
Do I own the lists?
Yes! Before each campaign begins, you will receive the entire lead list to verify its quality.
What about performance reporting?
Each week you will receive a message highlighting the number of cold emails sent, the number of leads that were contacted for the first time, and the number of replies. Additionally, you will receive a quick reminder of the leads that were handed off to you, in case any were missed.

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